How to Maintain Your Backpack Sprayer the Right Way

How to Maintain Your Backpack Sprayer the Right Way

What is backpack spraying? It’s the use of lightweight and portable sprayer to keep insects and pests away from outdoor crops.

The use of backpack sprayers allows the gardener to choose the target of the spray. Because of this, the risk of non-target damage is lessened. Apart from that, backpack sprayers are easy to handle and have low prices attached to them.


However, they must be maintained so that they can last long or even longer than the expected lifespan.

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Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean the backpack sprayer after every use. You can do this by rinsing it with water or a tank cleaner. Keeping it clean will not only prolong its life but also help you avoid spending money on repairs.
  • Check the label before using herbicide. You should know how to handle and dispose herbicide properly before even deciding to use it.

  • Buy an extra tank. A spare tank will come in handy especially when you want to spray more than a single product without the hassle of emptying your backpack sprayer and preparing it over again. An extra tank will prevent contamination too. For your information, some chemicals such as broad-leaf herbicides, are difficult to rinse from spray tanks because they stick too well with plastic. This is why it’s ideal to have another sprayer for insecticides alone. If you assign a sprayer for each type of pesticide, there’ll be less to zero percent probability of accidentally spreading herbicide residues to the plants that need insecticides instead.
  • Winterize your sprayer. You can do this before a colder climate embraces your location. Achieve this by adding an anti-freeze to the tank of your sprayer to avoid freezing.
  • Verify whether or not your manufacturer recommends lubrication of all seals and O-rings. Most of them suggest you do this at the start of the spray season. You might even be advised to lubricate them again during midseason if your backpack sprayer is being used excessively.
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